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главное новости по оперативным данным официально закон антинаркотическая реклама фоторепортажи массмедиа здоровье родителям, учителям, психологам мнения экспертов исследования журнал "Наркология" книжная полка о проектепоиск
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"Narcology" monthly journal on drug addiction problems

Leading national journal for addiction medicine professionals, published under the scientific and methodological supervision of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Member of International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE). Included by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, publishing principal scientific results for MD and PhD thesis.

The journal "Narcology" was founded in January 2002 by the initiative group of Russian scientists and experts trying to consolidate the efforts of the eminent scientists and health care professionals striving to find prompt and effective methods of treatment and prevention of drug addiction and alcoholism.

Creation of the journal was determined by the urgent need to summarize a variety of medico-social and biological approaches as well as theoretical doctrines in assessing the significance of substance abuse.

Publications of the monthly demonstrate the results of fundamental and applied research by leading domestic and foreign scientists, present a wealth of experience from practical healthcare, education and sociology.

The distinctive features of the journal are its interdisciplinary nature, promotion of the debate between the representatives of various scientific schools, broad coverage of diagnostic, clinical, therapeutic, rehabilitative and preventive aspects of addictions.

The magazine is focused not only at researchers seeking to understand the underlying mechanisms of formation and development of addictive diseases, but also on the public health professionals dealing with addiction problems. The audience of the journal is a wide range of doctors, psychologists, health care managers, social workers, teachers. That is of particular importance, as only multi-agency approach is the most appropriate in the prevention of substance abuse and rehabilitation.


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